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Sweden's Royal Opera House faces €290 Million renovation

22/04/2024, 11:46
Sweden's Royal Opera House faces €290 Million renovation
Photo: Melker Dahstrand. Imagesource: Statens fastighetsverk.
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“The building is in poor condition and will be closed from July 1, 2026. We have no time to lose,” said Max Elger, Director General of the National Property Board.

In June 2023, the board was tasked by the government to outline conditions for necessary renovations to the opera building. Within certain constraints, like minor changes to the building volume, it must be adapted for the tenants’ operations long-term.

“Our proposal involves a comprehensive renovation of the opera building. When completed, we’ll have a carefully updated, venerable national stage for opera and ballet in prime condition. The cost is estimated at 3.1 billion kronor (€290 Million) and the evacuation time for the Opera will be up to five years,” Elger stated.

However, to keep on schedule, the government must decide before summer. Otherwise, the evacuation period could be even longer, though the Opera must close regardless.

“We want the parameters set and hope for a swift green light from the government before summer so we can start project planning right after the holidays. The opera building is a vital part of our cultural heritage, but now it needs a total renovation to become suitable again for both audiences and performers,” said Elger.

New Stage
“This will be our biggest and most complex renovation ever. Among other things, a small extension will be added to accommodate a new stage for children and youth. Our assessment is that this proposal sufficiently meets the Opera’s needs,” Elger added.

About the Opera Building:

  • Built 1892-1898
  • Over 1,000 rooms across 12 floors
  • 40,000 square meters gross area
  • 10 km of pipes and over 100 ventilation units
  • Over 600 people work there
  • A quarter million visitors annually

Source: Statens Fastighetsverk

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