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PropTech Energy Group appoints new CEOs to lead subsidiaries

13/05/2024, 09:17
PropTech Energy Group appoints new CEOs to lead subsidiaries
Peter Arvidsson and David Andersson. PhotosourcePropTech Energy.
Anna Broberg Anna Broberg
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– Over the past four years, our group has doubled its revenue, and with dedicated CEOs, the companies will gain even more momentum. Peter and David have extensive industry experience, and it feels great that they will now lead the companies forward, said Nina Bremer, CEO of the parent company PropTech Energy.

Peter Arvidsson joins from his previous role as Sales Manager for Ömangruppen and Axcell Fastighetspartner. David Andersson has spent the last five years as Operations Manager and Key Account Manager at Axcell Fastighetspartner.

– I look forward to focusing more clearly on Ömangruppen. We see incredible development in the energy sector with new regulations and strong sustainability interest among property owners. We will continue to be at the forefront, said Peter Arvidsson.

– It feels very inspiring to be more involved across Axcell and take on greater responsibility. We will continue developing our collaboration within the group to expand our offering. The group’s holistic approach is our strength and is also becoming increasingly important for our customers, added David Andersson.

Nina Bremer, who previously served as CEO for both Ömangruppen and Axcell Fastighetspartner, will continue her work within the PropTech Energy group, recently expanded with the addition of a third company, P2 Energi.

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