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Castellum Sells Auto Facilities for SEK 347M

18/04/2024, 08:24
Castellum Sells Auto Facilities for SEK 347M
Kristina Sawjani, Chief Investment Officer. Foto: Christoffer Edling. Source: Castellum.
Anna Broberg Anna Broberg
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– Even after this sale, Castellum remains a large player in Smista with several strategically located properties along the E4 motorway south of Stockholm. The transaction creates turnover in our portfolio and gives us the opportunity to make other investments with good returns, said Sven Stork, Castellum’s Regional CEO for Stockholm.

– It’s great to see increased activity in the transaction market compared to last fall. This sale allows us to invest further in our existing properties. The sale price confirms our booked property values, said Kristina Sawjani, Chief Investment Officer at Castellum.

The facilities being sold are used for automobile-related operations by the buyer Nordisk Renting, though specific details were not provided.

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