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ABB opens €23.4 million smart manufacturing plant in Belgium

3/05/2024, 06:56
ABB opens €23.4 million smart manufacturing plant in Belgium
Image: ABB
Anna Broberg Anna Broberg
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The facility will manufacture power distribution cabinets that serve as protective enclosures for electrical distribution components. It replaces ABB’s existing plant inherited from the acquisition of GE Industrial Solutions in 2018.

Part of ABB’s Mission to Zero™ program, the new plant is expected to reduce carbon emissions by over 6,700 tons and energy consumption by over 9,400 megawatt-hours per year compared to 2019 levels at the old facility.

The measures are estimated to deliver almost SEK 30 million in annual energy cost savings. 10% of the plant’s energy needs will be generated by 1,330 solar panels installed on the roof, with the remainder coming from certified green energy supplies.

– The Mission to Zero™ blueprint at Evergem exemplifies our goal to enable a low-carbon society and our commitment to accelerating the transition to more sustainable manufacturing. This advanced facility is designed to meet future demand, not just today’s needs. By incorporating state-of-the-art technologies and innovative processes to optimize efficiency and productivity now and in the years ahead, we will provide a learning plant and sustainability roadmap for our employees and customers, said Mike Mustapha, President of ABB’s Smart Buildings division.

The new plant underscores ABB’s investments in energy-efficient production as part of its sustainability strategy across its operations globally.

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