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Sagrada Familia in Barcelona set for 2026 completion after 144 years

19/04/2024, 08:34
Sagrada Familia in Barcelona set for 2026 completion after 144 years
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The new completion date for the basilica’s basic structure was revealed last Wednesday by Esteve Camps, president of the company tasked with realizing Gaudí’s vision. 2026 will mark one century since the architect’s death, according to the Guardian.

Camps stated they now have the funding and materials necessary to erect the final elements, including the 172.5-meter central tower devoted to Jesus Christ that will become Barcelona’s tallest building upon completion.

While the church proper is targeted for 2026, work will continue until 2034 on remaining decorative sculptures, ornamental details, and most controversially, the massive staircase that was part of Gaudí’s original plans for the main entrance.

This grandiose stairway spans two city blocks in Barcelona’s modern Eixample district that has developed around the century-old construction site. Realizing it would require relocating around 1,000 families and businesses currently occupying those blocks.

Camps insists the staircase was always part of Gaudí’s envisioned design, despite some scholars disputing this. “We are following Gaudí’s plan to the letter,” he said, noting they are in discussions with city officials who will have final approval.

The Sagrada Familia’s path to completion has been a long and complicated one, beset by wars, neglect, and financial challenges over the decades. Most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic forced a two-year work stoppage.

Originally funded solely by charitable donations, the advent of mass tourism has provided a steadier revenue stream in recent years from millions visiting annually. However, controversies remain over how such income is utilized by the church construction organization.

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