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Baltimore bridge collapse: governor announces recovery plan

15/04/2024, 08:53
Baltimore bridge collapse: governor announces recovery plan
Baltimore. Imagesource: Unsplash
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Governor Wes Moore explained the comprehensive approach to tackle the removal of debris, the extraction of the bridge segments, and the eventual reconstruction. He highlighted the magnitude of the task ahead, noting, “We have a very long road ahead of us.”

During the partial collapse of the bridge, eight construction workers found themselves in peril; however, two were successfully rescued from the water. The governor, speaking at a press conference with other lawmakers, elaborated on the complexities involved in each phase of the cleanup and reconstruction process.

He also drew a comparison to the 2021 incident in the Suez Canal, where a cargo ship was stuck for five weeks. However, in the Baltimore incident, the ship, named the Dali and nearly as lengthy as the Eiffel Tower, remains trapped under the collapsed sections of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, complicating the removal efforts.

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