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Veidekke secures major Stockholm renovation

27/05/2024, 10:51
Veidekke secures major Stockholm renovation
Illustration: Genesta
Hilde Wexels Riser Hilde Wexels Riser
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The Zinko project involves renovating approximately 15,700 square meters of office space, with the first tenants expected to move in by late 2025. Arcona has been involved since 2021 in this project encompassing the Hornsgatan 122-130 block on Södermalm.

In previous phases, Arcona assisted in identifying development opportunities, analyzing technical conditions, estimating costs, and planning execution. The new contract covers the actual renovation, entailing extensive modernization focused on sustainability, aesthetics, and technology. The property will be certified according to BREEAM In-Use, aiming for the highest “Outstanding” level.

“Arcona is proud to complete the Zinko project alongside Genesta. Here we preserve the period architecture while creating a top-modern, sustainable meeting place attractive day and night. Our longstanding, good relationship with Genesta has been crucial to the project’s success so far,” said Peter Kihlman at Arcona.

The renovation will also upgrade utilities across all five buildings and add two floors to Hornsgatan 124. In addition to offices, the Zinko quarter will feature a lively street level with shops, a gym, and restaurants.

The contract value is included in the order intake for Q2 2024.

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