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Swedish startup Alrik raises €1.1M to decarbonize construction logistics

5/04/2024, 07:37
Swedish startup Alrik raises €1.1M to decarbonize construction logistics
Nici Sundén-Cullberg and Axel Enblad, founders of Alrik. Source: Alrik.
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The Swedish startup works on digitizing and decarbonizing construction logistics by providing software to distributors, builders, and logistics companies. Emissions are monitored from point-to-point transportation, enabling developers and contractors to accurately measure emission targets.

“Innovation plays a role in tackling emissions at every touchpoint in the global construction cycle, and the logistics supply chain and transportation of building materials have been heavily overlooked so far. Since a fifth of the construction sector’s carbon emissions come from transporting materials to and from sites, we see the global potential for an efficient, unified system to tackle transport emissions from the entire fleet, led by two experienced operators like Nici and Axel,” said Faisal Butt, founder and managing partner at Pi Labs, to TechFundingNews.com.

Nici Sundén-Cullberg, co-founder and CEO of Alrik, told the website: “Construction sites across Europe continue to grapple with uncertain lead times for materials from countless suppliers and distributors, hindering their progress. Distributors also need to manage their own logistics network, where most is still done via manual phone calls, handwritten notes, and whiteboards. The lack of coordination leads to poor visibility in the supply chain, costly vehicle operations, and stalled projects from the customer side. Alrik effectively eliminates manual coordination with, in many cases, 100 different suppliers and distributors and unites the entire delivery chain network to deliver projects more efficiently.”

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