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Skellefteå purchases apartments to aid recruitment efforts

31/05/2024, 09:05
Skellefteå purchases apartments to aid recruitment efforts
Image: Visit Skellefteå.
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The units have not yet been produced. At most, it involves 15 percent of HSB’s entire Brf Polaris housing project. Primarily, these are one to three-room apartments in central Skellefteå.

“This is an important investment from the perspective of housing and skills supply. With these apartments, we’ll be able to offer new employees a place to live, which is crucial for hiring more people into the municipality’s operations,” said Lorents Burman (S), Chair of the Municipal Executive Board.

The rental of the apartments will follow guidelines from the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning. The goal is for the municipality’s operating costs for the tenant-owned units to be fully covered by rental income.

According to public procurement law, there is a 10-day contract freeze after the awarded party is announced. A total of two bids were received.

Residents should be able to move into the apartments by 2027 at the latest.

The apartment purchase aims to ease Skellefteå’s recruitment challenges by ensuring affordable housing availability for prospective municipal employees in the years ahead.

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