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REbygg welcomes four new partners to accelerate circular construction

16/05/2024, 09:41
REbygg welcomes four new partners to accelerate circular construction
Image: Kålltorps Bygg.
Anna Broberg Anna Broberg
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This broadened partnership aims to accelerate the use of recycled materials and raise awareness about sustainability across the construction value chain.

– Expanding our concept marks an important next step towards shaping a more sustainable and circular construction industry. By engaging actors from every link in the value chain, such as architects, property owners, contractors, and building suppliers, we ensure that the entire chain adopts a sustainability mindset and collaborates. From the drawing board to the finished site, said Mattias Gustafson, CEO of Kålltorps Bygg.

Optimera will contribute logistics capabilities and opportunities for product restoration, helping reintroduce materials into the material flow.

Kaminsky Arkitektur will leverage its expertise in circular construction and sustainable urban planning to develop and implement reuse-focused design concepts for future building projects.

– We are pleased to welcome Optimera, Hifab, Kaminsky Arkitektur, and Wallenstam to our reuse initiative. We truly look forward to close collaboration. With these new partners, we gain even more perspectives and experiences to jointly accelerate the transition towards a more circular construction industry, Gustafson stated.

The partnership highlights REbygg’s holistic approach, engaging stakeholders across design, materials, logistics, and real estate to drive the systemic changes needed for a more resource-efficient and lower-impact construction sector.

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