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Bengt Dahlgren launches sustainability division

27/05/2024, 06:05
Bengt Dahlgren launches sustainability division
Dennis Fredin. Imagesource: Bengt Dahlgren.
Anna Broberg Anna Broberg
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Fredin, who has extensive experience as an environmental manager in the construction industry, joins Bengt Dahlgren from Kålltorps Bygg AB on June 3.

“I have long had a burning interest in sustainability and the circular economy. In this new role, I see the opportunity to truly drive change that will benefit both the industry and society at large in the long run,” Fredin stated.

The sustainability initiative aims to assist companies needing support to realize their green transition. Taking a holistic approach to clients’ sustainability efforts, services will range from consulting to sustainability reporting.

“We intend to go as far as necessary to cover the entire sustainability spectrum,” said Henrik Jönsson, Head of Sustainability at Bengt Dahlgren Göteborg.

The firm notes increasing demands from financiers for sustainability reporting to access capital or secure better financing terms, driven by new EU regulatory requirements like the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

“At Bengt Dahlgren, we see that with our expertise and experience, we are perfectly positioned to help guide companies in the construction and real estate sectors. We always take a comprehensive view, from small to large projects. This allows us to create even greater value for clients and partners by taking greater responsibility for their overall sustainability efforts,” Jönsson added.

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