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OBOS to develop new 300-unit residential quarter in Malmö

30/05/2024, 10:10
OBOS to develop new 300-unit residential quarter in Malmö
Image: OBOS.
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In April 2022, KlaraBo and OBOS’s Boostad proposal won a land allocation competition held by Malmö Municipality for an entirely new neighborhood east of the exhibition center in Hyllie.

Now that the detailed plan has entered into force, construction is scheduled to start in spring 2026. There will be 150 rental apartments and 150 tenant-owned condominiums.

Boostad was developed by multiple partners to offer economically accessible and environmentally sustainable housing for a broad target group. Smart buildings and well-designed management enabling lower operating costs will allow for affordable rents.

Malmö’s “Malmö Public Housing” (Malmö Allemansrätt Boende) model aims to ensure all Malmö residents can afford good-quality housing, partly by the city reducing its ground rent for this particular plot.

“I’m very pleased that we can finally set our plans for 300 homes in Hyllie in motion. Boostad is an extremely exciting project with high ambitions for community living and housing quality. The Malmö Public Housing model aligns well with OBOS’s work to open up the housing market for more people, regardless of age, background or profession,” said Sofia Ljungdahl, CEO of OBOS New Homes.

The buildings will have solar panels and exteriors featuring brick and wood. A shared garden and courtyard forest are planned for the inner courtyard. Apartments will range from one to four rooms.

“With Co-ownership, the buyer only needs a loan for half the home value, thereby halving the down payment requirement. It can provide a secure alternative for first-time buyers, those needing larger homes, or anyone lacking a co-buyer,” said Anders Bolltoft, Business Developer at OBOS New Homes.

The Boostad project aims to create an affordable, sustainable urban living environment in one of Malmö’s newest neighborhoods through a mix of smart rental and co-ownership opportunities.

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