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New contractor sought to complete Karlgårdsbron Bridge in Sweden

16/04/2024, 14:31
New contractor sought to complete Karlgårdsbron Bridge in Sweden
Illustration: Sweco.
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The previous contractor, Kauno Tiltai Sverige AB, will not be finishing the bridge project. Construction halted in March due to disagreements between Skellefteå and the contractor on several points, with the municipality claiming breach of contract and Kauno Tiltai terminating the agreement. The matter has become a legal case.

For the new contract, the municipality has decided the project will be a two-phase design-build contract with extended collaboration.

– Our task is to ensure the bridge is completed as soon as possible under the circumstances. Karlgårdsbron is important for improving traffic flow in central Skellefteå and reducing carbon emissions, said Sara Keisu-Lundh, Chair of the Municipal Building Committee.

Phase one is a planning and calculation phase as the basis for deciding a new budget and ordering phase two. Phase two is the production phase to finalize the bridge.

– We look forward to collaborating with a serious contractor who has the right expertise and capacity to complete the bridge. The goal is to issue a request for tenders in April and have a new contractor appointed before summer, said Thérese Bäckström Zidoli, Project Manager at Skellefteå Municipality.

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