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Mining giants electrify underground vehicle fleets

23/04/2024, 06:12
Mining giants electrify underground vehicle fleets
Image: ABB
Anna Broberg Anna Broberg
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The first fully battery-electric trolley system was implemented on an 800-meter test track in Boliden’s underground Kristineberg mine, with a 13 percent incline.

In parallel with reducing carbon emissions, the electrification of mining aims to improve health and safety for the industry’s workforce. By implementing this system, the partners strive to prove the underground work environment can be significantly improved with lower emissions, noise and vibrations overall, while also reducing the total cost per tonne.

“Over the past three years, we’ve worked closely with the ABB and Epiroc teams to bring the future electric mine one step closer to reality,” said Peter Bergman, General Manager Boliden Area at Boliden, adding:

“Naturally, it’s most important that the technology works in our own operations, but we also see added value in driving technology development together with our partners so the system can be used in other mines. We’re proud to have taken this concept to a real installation.”

This project is supported by funds from the Swedish innovation agency’s Sustainable Industry initiative.

“We’re passionate and committed to creating real progress for the mining industry. Seeing the industry’s first electric battery trolley system live is not only the result of a collaboration with Boliden and Epiroc, but truly a milestone for the industry,” said Max Luedtke, Global Business Line Manager Mining at ABB.

Wayne Symes, President of Epiroc’s Underground division, said “Together in close partnership we can accelerate the transformation and achieve a steep curve in mining technology innovation like we’ve done in Kristineberg. In a short time, we’ve implemented and delivered technology that not only reduces CO2 emissions but also significantly extends the travel distance for battery vehicles on heavy ramp haulages, decreases operating costs, and improves health and safety in mining environments.”

Boliden intends to implement a full-scale, autonomous electric trolley system at the Rävliden mine, a satellite deposit extending from Kristineberg, and has ordered four Epiroc Minetruck MT42 SG Trolley machines. The total distance will be 5 kilometers at a depth of 750 meters.

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