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JM, Wingårdhs to build HQ in Solna development

28/05/2024, 13:29
JM, Wingårdhs to build HQ in Solna development
Illustration of Skytteholm sports ground. Image source: JM.
Anna Broberg Anna Broberg
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“As a community builder, JM has a long tradition of developing vibrant neighborhoods. We’re proud to create a great new office not just for ourselves, but other businesses in the municipality. At the same time, we’re contributing to improved conditions for women’s soccer and Solna’s youth to participate in sports,” said Simon Backe, JM Regional Manager.

The office property, designed by Wingårdhs architecture firm, will have a transit-accessible location next to Solna Centrum with a major focus on sustainable solutions like circular and reused materials, solar panels, and green roofs.

“We’re incredibly proud and excited for the opportunity to develop JM’s headquarters. The office’s location by Skytteholms IP and Frösundaleden road is central and complements Solna’s dense urban context and natural landscapes. The project can also realize Solna’s ambitions to incorporate more stone city motifs in the streetscape, providing a counterpoint to developments on the old Råsundastaden grounds,” noted Gert Wingårdh.

The detailed planning process is expected to commence shortly, with discussions involving sports associations at Skytteholms IP.

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