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Granitor sells consulting units, shifts strategic focus

11/04/2024, 09:00
Granitor sells consulting units, shifts strategic focus
Björn Wigström. Photo: Tobias Regell.
Anna Broberg Anna Broberg
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“We are very proud of the development of Aenigma and Idhammar within Granitor, and believe the companies will have even better conditions for the next step in their growth together with the other consulting firms within Vinga Nordic. At the same time, we see that the focus for the Granitor group will lie in other business areas going forward,” says Björn Wigström, Portfolio Manager at Granitor Contracting.

Within Vinga Nordic, Aenigma and Idhammar will continue their respective operations as they are conducted today, with the same offering, company names and organizations. The sale is expected to be completed in mid-May, at which point the companies will become a crucial part of Vinga Nordic’s plans to form a new leading consulting group.

“Vinga Nordic has the ambition to become a nationally leading player in specialized technical consulting services. We welcome Aenigma and Idhammar and look forward to finding synergies with our current companies, especially within infrastructure and environment,” says Petter Håkanson, Chairman of Vinga Nordic.

“I look forward to continuing to lead Aenigma within Vinga Nordic. Taking this step now means shifting into the next gear for us. I see great opportunities for continued growth and development ahead, while we continue to deliver our services at the same high level as today,” says Jonas Bergmark, CEO of Aenigma AB.

The Granitor group is owned by two families, the Wikströms and the Al Amoudi’s. The sale is being made to prepare for the upcoming generational shift within the Al Amoudi family, where Mohammed Al Amoudi is gradually moving towards being a more passive financier to the group without direct ownership of operating companies.

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