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ByggPartner to double size of EcoDataCenter's facility in Falun, Sweden

14/05/2024, 05:28
ByggPartner to double size of EcoDataCenter's facility in Falun, Sweden
Image: EcoDataCenter.
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So far, the collaboration has resulted in four data halls spanning around 35,000 square meters.

EcoDataCenter is now embarking on a major expansion of its Falun facility, doubling its size and capacity. Parts of this work have already commenced, and the partnership between ByggPartner and EcoDataCenter is entering a new phase. Design work began this spring.

“Infrastructure is needed to handle growing data volumes, and we believe the expansion should occur sustainably. The Falun facility and our collaboration with ByggPartner are key to the green transition. When we started working with ByggPartner in 2017, it was with the intention that two players could contribute to each other’s growth and promote local business. It’s great that we can now build on these successes,” said Peter Michelson, CEO of EcoDataCenter.

Work on EcoDataCenter 1 continues, with ByggPartner’s current contract employing nearly 300 people during the construction period.

“We are very proud to be part of EcoDataCenter’s exciting development. Our collaboration is a prime example of how we want to work – sustainably, innovatively and with a long-term perspective,” said Sture Nilsson, CEO of the ByggPartner Group.

The expansion is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of next year, further reinforcing Sweden’s data center infrastructure capabilities.

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