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Peab to construct 10km of sewer mains in Norway

25/04/2024, 10:38
Peab to construct 10km of sewer mains in Norway
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The background is requirements to reduce emissions into the Nitelva river by shutting down two local treatment plants. A main line will therefore be constructed to the central treatment facility, and a new supply line will be established from the plant into Nittedal municipality. The project includes laying over 10 kilometers of new main water and sewer pipes.

This is a collaborative project starting with the design phase. Construction work begins imminently and is scheduled for completion in December 2025.

The job will take place in areas with partly challenging ground conditions. Trenchless methods will be extensively used to protect the environment, biodiversity, and minimize damage to agricultural land.

“We thank Nittedal municipality for their trust and good collaboration in the project’s first phase. It means a lot for us to contribute our experience and expertise in close cooperation with all involved, thereby helping ensure reliable water and sewer services for local residents also in the future. We look forward to executing the work efficiently and safely,” said Erik Hedvald Nilsen, CEO of Peab’s subsidiary Arne Olav Lund which is carrying out the project.

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