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Norwegian company wins EU's first hydrogen auction

3/05/2024, 05:19
Norwegian company wins EU's first hydrogen auction
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Hilde Wexels Riser Hilde Wexels Riser
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Skiga will receive financial support to produce renewable hydrogen, with disbursements based on verified production volumes. The company is located in Skipavika in the municipality of Gulen on the west coast of Norway.

“I want to congratulate Skiga on being selected in the first auction round of the EU Hydrogen Bank,” said Andreas Bjelland Eriksen, Norway’s Minister of Climate and Environment. “It’s great to see a Norwegian company perform so well internationally. Together with Enova’s domestic hydrogen efforts, this lays a solid foundation for the transition and emission reductions in both shipping and industry.”

Enova, the Norwegian government’s climate and energy agency, assisted 14 Norwegian bidders, including Skiga, in preparing their proposals for the hydrogen auction.

“This is a major milestone for Norwegian industry. We’re pleased that Norwegian companies are pursuing European support schemes and securing crucial resources for the climate and energy transition in Norway,” said Astrid Lilliestråle, Enova’s Director of Technology and Market Development.

The total budget for this first hydrogen auction was up to €800 million. The European Commission received 132 bids from 17 countries and awarded €719 million across seven projects, with the remaining winners from Finland, Spain and Portugal.

A second hydrogen auction round is expected to open in autumn 2024 with a bidding deadline in winter 2025, following a similar model to the first round.

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