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Fjordbyen in Oslo wins international urban regeneration award

28/05/2024, 15:45
Fjordbyen in Oslo wins international urban regeneration award
Photo: HWR
Hilde Wexels Riser Hilde Wexels Riser
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“We should certainly share the honor for this award with many contributors, including residents, developers, landowners, politicians and not least all the passionate individuals who believed this fjord city project could become truly outstanding,” the agency stated on LinkedIn.

This year marks 24 years since the city council adopted the Fjord City strategy to free up as much of Oslo’s harbor areas as possible for urban development. Port operations were to be relocated and consolidated into more efficient, confined areas. The 2000 Fjord City decision also led to the establishment of a dedicated Fjord City Office within the Planning and Building Agency a couple of years later – spearheaded from the start by Stein Kolstø and based in the now-defunct harbor shed 49 on Langkaia in Bjørvika. Early major tasks included following up on zoning plans for Bjørvika and Tjuvholmen, conducting an open international competition for Bjørvika’s public spaces, and initiating the zoning plan work that culminated in the Fjord City Plan.

The transformation along Oslo’s shoreline since the Fjord City decision has been immense. Just 15 years ago, large stretches of the nearly mile-long waterfront remained virtually inaccessible and uninhabited, dominated by extensive highway systems, closed quay areas and polluted waters. And while some may think of attractive, expensive housing when asked about the Fjord City today, surveys and field studies show it is primarily associated with hugely popular urban districts that Oslo residents and visitors have grown very fond of. The Fjord City is now synonymous with the harbor promenade, new bathing areas, urban beaches, piers, parks and public spaces, floating saunas, new architecture and a diverse service and culture offering – just to name a few elements.

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