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First construction contract awarded for NTNU campus consolidation project

17/04/2024, 07:25
First construction contract awarded for NTNU campus consolidation project
Image: Statsbygg
Hilde Wexels Riser Hilde Wexels Riser
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The first phase is for the P2 Materials Technology Southeast building at the Gløshaugen campus, one of seven sub-projects in total. The contract was signed on April 15th.

“The first contract signifies a clear start for the NTNU campus consolidation project. In 2024, we will enter into several more contracts, and Statsbygg will be a significant developer with major activity in Trondheim over many years,” said Harald V. Nikolaisen, CEO of Statsbygg.

Four pre-qualified contractors participated in the negotiations for the collaborative contract, ultimately awarded to Veidekke Entreprenør.

After an initial 12-month collaborative phase, an implementation agreement will set the final target price and schedule. The Materials Technology building of around 13,400 square meters will contain offices, teaching spaces, and research laboratories, including a smelting hall, with an expected contract cost of around NOK 600 million.

Construction on Materials Technology will begin in early 2025. Meanwhile, Statsbygg plans to contract another company for NTNU’s economics and innovation environments in Hesthagen in May and tender infrastructure/landscaping work for the entire campus area in the fall.

“In total, contracts worth around NOK 2 billion will be awarded in 2024 for the campus consolidation project, which is significant in a strained period for the entire contractor industry,” said Nikolaisen.

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