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NCC to construct new court complex in Vantaa, Finland

10/04/2024, 08:18
NCC to construct new court complex in Vantaa, Finland
Image: NCC
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The new court building complex will consist of a renovated historically valuable existing structure as well as a new extension wing, which will be partially located on the site of a former police station set to be demolished. The project implementation and construction will utilize an alliance model, promoting collaboration to optimize technical design and cost efficiencies.

“The alliance model ensures that for this construction project as well, the development occurs together with the entire project group throughout, so that the completed building will certainly meet the users’ needs in the most cost-effective way possible. With the alliance approach, all parties can contribute their organization’s best skills and resources for the particular phase and task at hand to best serve the project,” says Kati Tauriainen, NCC’s Country President.

The new court complex is scheduled for completion in 2026. Construction will commence this spring, with the renovation and new building section intended to be finalized in spring 2026.

“This is a significant step towards the renewal of the Vantaa court building. We have chosen a reliable contractor partner with whom we can jointly implement this demanding project according to plan. With the updated court building, our goal is to provide more functional and modern premises for the various judicial operators,” states Jonni Laitto, Construction Manager at Senate Properties.

The €40 million project will be added to NCC’s Building Nordics business area order backlog during the second quarter.

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