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Helsinki envisions food culture and event gub at Tukkutori district

20/05/2024, 07:02
Helsinki envisions food culture and event gub at Tukkutori district
Kuva: City of Helsinki
Dan Görgü Dan Görgü
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Tukkutori is an area situated between Kalasatama and Hermannin, currently home to wholesale businesses and warehouses serving them. The food-specialized urban culture center Teurastamo is located on the edge of the district. Four draft scenarios have been outlined for the area’s future, maintaining its characteristic industrial atmosphere.

“The Tukkutori area has the potential to develop into a significant hub for events, culture and leisure activities, together with the nearby Suvilahti and Hanasaari areas. The former Sörnäinen prison area may also be repurposed entirely, so the region offers tremendous potential. At the same time, the planning premise is that the wholesale operations will continue in the Tukkutori area in the future,” said Rikhard Manninen, Land Use Director.

The preliminary drafts envision residential construction in the northern parts of Tukkutori, complementing the new Verkkosaari and Hermanninranta areas being built across Hermannin rantatie. The central sections will continue to accommodate wholesale and food industry operations.

In the southern end, the lively Teurastamo cultural area will expand, with efforts to find additional space for various event activities. Scenarios have outlined options such as a concert hall or even a 17,000-seat arena for the district.

The visionary plans aim to transform Tukkutori into a vibrant mixed-use destination while preserving its industrial character and food-related heritage. Engagement with local stakeholders will further shape the redevelopment goals.

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