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Google invests €1 billion to expand Hamina data center

21/05/2024, 05:51
Google invests €1 billion to expand Hamina data center
Genrepicture of server room: Image source: Unsplash
Dan Görgü Dan Görgü
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The Hamina data center complex has undergone multiple expansions since its completion 12 years ago. This latest billion-euro investment will further increase its scale.

Harnessing Waste Heat for District Heating

As part of the expansion, Google is partnering with the local energy company Haminan Energia on a project to capture and utilize the data center’s waste heat as a source for district heating.

The waste heat is estimated to cover approximately 80% of Hamina’s district heating needs.

Google states it has invested €4.5 billion into the Hamina data center and infrastructure since 2009. After the new expansion, around 500 people will be employed by Google at the site.

The massive investment highlights Google’s commitment to sustainable data center operations while providing a renewable heating solution that benefits the local Hamina community. It also underscores Finland’s attractiveness for large-scale data center investments.