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Copenhagen looks to Paris for advice

19/04/2024, 07:00
Copenhagen looks to Paris for advice
Notre-dame in Paris. Image: Unsplash
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Copenhagen’s lord mayor has opened a dialogue with her Parisian counterpart to gain insights from France’s experience raising the 850-year-old cathedral from the ashes over the past five years. Two key areas of focus have emerged:

National Resolve

Unifying public and political will was crucial for launching Notre Dame’s ambitious reconstruction. Danish officials hope to similarly rally support and fundraising for resurrecting the Stock Exchange’s iconic dragon spire.

Innovative Techniques

The Notre Dame rebuild has pioneered uses of AI and digitized imagery to virtually recreate ornate details lost in the fire. With some original architectural plans for the 17th century Stock Exchange missing, these digital documentation methods could prove invaluable.

With opening targets set for 2024, Notre Dame’s painstaking revival could serve as a model for returning Copenhagen’s fire-scarred icon to its former glory.