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SLP acquires property in Linköping for SEK 100 million

1/07/2024, 08:30
SLP acquires property in Linköping for SEK 100 million
Imagesource: SLP.
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The property is fully leased to Hardford AB under a fully indexed rental agreement. The lease runs for 6 years with an annual rent of SEK 8.3 million.

The agreed property value amounts to SEK 100 million.

The seller is Glashusen Linköping AB.

“We are pleased to be able to acquire another off-market property. This time in Linköping, which has a strategic location along the E4. The property already has a good return that will increase further as an effect of our standardized development work. As part of our continuous sustainability efforts, we will develop the property to become more energy-efficient by, among other things, installing solar panels,” says Tommy Åstrand, CEO of SLP.

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