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1,750 apartments halted in Stockholm

22/03/2024, 08:18
1,750 apartments halted in Stockholm
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“There are significant economic uncertainties surrounding the project. The costs of dismantling this large traffic infrastructure are high,” says City Planning Commissioner Jan Valeskog (S) to DN.

The City Planning Office will report a lack of “the financial robustness required to proceed with detailed plans.”
“These are tough times now and for a few years ahead. But we see light at the end of the tunnel post-2025. Hopefully, the budgets will improve then; it would be of great value to remove the barrier that Södertäljevägen represents,” Jan Valeskog tells the newspaper.

Furthermore, the Liljeholms bridges are reportedly so worn that they need repairs, with a preliminary start date for renovations set for 2027.

DN inquires if both projects can be managed simultaneously?

“Of course, we need to coordinate Södertäljevägen and the Liljeholms bridges. But experience tells us that bridge repairs tend to be pushed into the future,” says Jan Valeskog.

The opposition criticizes the red-green majority’s actions, DN reports based on received emails. Among other comments, opposition councilor Dennis Wedin writes to the newspaper:

“The Moderates are critical of the announcement. Stockholm City must continue the planning of this and other major projects, so there are ready plans when the economy soon turns, and the construction actors are prepared.”