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Lund's historic university building undergoes renovation 

25/06/2024, 07:12
Lund's historic university building undergoes renovation 
Image: Ahrbom & Partner.
Anna Broberg Anna Broberg
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Helgo Zetterwall’s university building in Lund is a state-listed historic building. Since its inauguration in 1882, the University Building has been a symbol for both Lund University and the city of Lund.

Now the building is facing a major renovation to meet contemporary requirements for logistics, technology, acoustics, accessibility, and evacuation, among others.

The work will primarily focus on the interior, but the exterior will also be reviewed, including a new accessible ramp, a potential new waste disposal room, and replacement of the existing metal roof.

“One of the biggest challenges is achieving a good indoor climate – all existing technical systems will be modernized to meet today’s requirements and expectations for air quality, heating, and cooling. New shafts and visible ducts should be avoided, and existing brick ducts will be utilized as much as possible. Great emphasis will also be placed on energy-saving measures and the reuse of building components and materials. All building parts that may be dismantled should primarily be remounted in a new location within the building,” says Johan Ahnborg, responsible architect and partner at Ahrbom & Partner.

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