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LKAB shuts down production

12/06/2024, 06:28
LKAB shuts down production
Imagesource: LKAB
Anna Broberg Anna Broberg
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“We must review both cost levels and produced volumes when we cannot deliver everything to our customers,” says Michael Palo, head of the iron ore business area.

Konsuln is located in the southern part of the Kiirunavaara mine, as a smaller, almost separate part of the Kiruna mine. Initially, Konsuln was used for research on new mining methods and infrastructure.

In recent years, the mine has been used for production. In 2023, 2.4 million tonnes were mined there and then processed into pellets.

“Now that the Kiruna mine is starting to reach larger volumes, we are choosing to pause mining at Konsuln because we cannot deliver fully due to the situation on the Iron Ore Line. Konsuln is more suited for research and development, and although production has been profitable, it has taken place at higher costs than normal operations. Being forced to shut down profitable operations is bitter,” says area manager Magnus Backe.

The decision is a consequence of the already made decision regarding the reduction of 1 million tonnes of finished products, where LKAB is now also limiting the production of raw materials in the mines.

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