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Suspected criminal activity at several construction sites

19/03/2024, 13:27
Suspected criminal activity at several construction sites
Suspected criminal activity at several construction sites. Photo Byggföretagen
Myrna Whitaker Myrna Whitaker
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To date, these efforts have resulted in tax reassessments totaling 124 million kronor across 175 companies.

“We have witnessed the emergence of a shadow society where significant amounts of tax revenue are siphoned from the common welfare, and where foreign labor is exploited. More must be done to ensure that already vulnerable people do not suffer further and that legitimate companies doing the right thing are not driven out of the market,” says Tomas Kullberg, chairman of Byggnads Stockholm-Gotland.

The construction sector is considered to be among the industries most vulnerable to workplace crime. The tips submitted to Fair Play Bygg include issues related to tax evasion, money laundering, and human exploitation.

Fair Play Bygg argues that in order to combat crime and promote fair competition and healthy workplaces, legislation surrounding confidentiality needs to be changed so that authorities can more easily share information with each other. They also call for increased collaboration between authorities and stakeholders.

“Fair Play Bygg’s efforts have led to tax reassessments totaling 124 million kronor, a work we are proud of. But swift actions are now required to combat unscrupulous operators and promote healthy competition in the construction industry,” says Kristin Andersson, CEO of Byggmästareföreningen.

Figures from the report:
● 291 tips were received in 2023.
● 168 cases have been forwarded to authorities for further investigation.
● Since its inception in 2016, 2,156 tips about suspected criminal activity in the construction industry in the Stockholm region have been received, with 1,220 cases being further investigated by authorities.
● A total of 175 companies have been subject to tax reassessments amounting to 124 million kronor.

Fair Play Bygg is operated by Stockholm’s Byggmästareförening and Byggnads Stockholm-Gotland.