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Swedish owners acquire Norwegian Viking Entreprenør

2/07/2024, 11:54
Swedish owners acquire Norwegian Viking Entreprenør
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Hilde Wexels Riser Hilde Wexels Riser
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Viking Entreprenør was established in 2005 and is an experienced general contractor specializing in property renovation and maintenance, with a focus on facades and complex concrete rehabilitation. They also work with project management and have specialized expertise in all trades. Viking Entreprenør is based in Oslo but carries out assignments throughout large parts of the country.

The acquisition of Viking Entreprenør is an important part of Corteco’s strategy to establish itself and create a strong market position in Norway. Viking Entreprenør will collaborate with the A. Hansen Group in Norway, which was acquired by Corteco in December 2023. Dialogues are also ongoing with several other companies in Norway that wish to become part of the Corteco family.

In 2023, Viking Entreprenør had a turnover of approximately NOK 210 million with good profitability. After the acquisition, Corteco consists of 13 companies, 11 in Sweden and 2 in Norway, with a total turnover of approximately SEK 1.5 billion and 500 employees.

– I look forward to continuing to run Viking Entreprenør as part of Corteco in the Norwegian market and, together with the other companies in the group, being able to offer a broader range of services to existing and future customers, says Søren Christensen about the acquisition. He is the Managing Director of Viking Entreprenør.

Fredrik Furgårdh, CEO of Corteco, expresses great enthusiasm for the company’s expansion and continued entry into the Norwegian market: “Viking Entreprenør is a perfect piece in Corteco’s strategy to continue strengthening our position as a reliable partner in sustainable property renovation in Norway. We look forward to growing and developing in the Norwegian market together with Søren, Morten and the rest of the team at Viking Entreprenør.”

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