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Selvaag bolig sets new sales record in Q2 2024

3/07/2024, 11:49
Selvaag bolig sets new sales record in Q2 2024
Sverre Molvig. Image: Selvaag Bolig.
Hilde Wexels Riser Hilde Wexels Riser
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“The number of homes sold in Q2 is the highest since Q1 2022, and the value is the highest ever. Compared to Q2 last year, we have sold 136 more homes, and the value is NOK 1,010 million higher,” says CEO Sverre Molvik.

Net sales for the quarter, adjusted for Selvaag Bolig’s share in joint ventures, amounted to 207 homes for NOK 1,385 million. Net sales for the first half were 346 homes worth NOK 2,144 million.

The company started construction on 95 homes net in the quarter, completed 105, and delivered 127 to buyers. In the first half, construction started on 218 homes, 341 were completed, and 306 were delivered to buyers.

As of June 30, Selvaag Bolig had 661 homes under construction and 119 completed but unsold. Additionally, the company had 41 completed homes sold but not yet delivered to buyers.

Gross sales for the corresponding quarter in 2023 were 99 homes worth NOK 564 million in total, and a net of 79 units worth NOK 440 million. The corresponding figures for the first half of last year were 251 homes gross for NOK 1,438 million and 195 homes net worth NOK 1,098 million.