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Pioneering use of recycled materials for sustainable highway construction

24/06/2024, 11:03
Pioneering use of recycled materials for sustainable highway construction
Anne Stine Johnson leads technology and discipline at Nye Veier (The New Roads Corporation). Photo: Lisa Ravna Rørmoen, Screen story/Nye Veier
Hilde Wexels Riser Hilde Wexels Riser
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Silica Green Stone (SiGS) is a by-product from the production of manganese at Eramet in Kvinesdal. This is the first time SiGS is being tested on a road with the traffic volume of E39 through Lyngdal. SiGS will now be tested as a reinforcement layer on a 200-meter section of E39, allowing the reuse of a resource that is currently stockpiled in a circular solution.

“The use of these types of materials means utilizing a resource that we are not currently using. Nye Veier is a driving force and innovator in developing how we build roads. We are very pleased that the Norwegian Public Roads Administration is now opening up for the permanent use of these types of materials through an update coming this summer,” Johnson elaborates.

Nye Veier is to lead the necessary transition to more sustainable road construction solutions and change how roads will be built in the future. Therefore, we are pushing for changes to road construction standards to allow for the reuse of resources through circular solutions, which is important for creating more sustainable solutions than before.

The use of SiGS involves utilizing a previously stockpiled resource. The test is being conducted as part of the “Sustainable Value Chain and Material Use in Road Construction” project, financed by the Green Platform initiative – a necessary means for developing such solutions. Nye Veier is the project owner, and Via Klyngen is managing the project.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Nye Veier, Eramet, and our main contractor, the Implenia Stangeland joint venture, along with SINTEF, all support the same goals for the test: reduced greenhouse gas emissions, increased reuse, and a circular economy in road construction. Facilitating increased efficiency and sustainability through regulations is important for Nye Veier.

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