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Norway to Build New Government Quarter Control Center

28/03/2024, 07:37
Norway to Build New Government Quarter Control Center
Image: Statsbygg
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“We have conducted an open tender competition. After a thorough evaluation, the choice fell on Mesterbygg Ringerike, which will be the turnkey contractor for this project,” says project director Jard Bringedal at Statsbygg.

Mesterbygg is now starting, together with Statsbygg, the work on further project development of the center. Construction is planned to start this summer, with completion in the 3rd quarter of 2025. The value of the contract is approximately 130 million Norwegian kroner.

The competition for the external control center with a turnkey contract was announced on December 7, 2023. By the submission deadline on January 22, Statsbygg had received five bids. These were evaluated, and the conclusion was that Mesterbygg Ringerike AS was offered the contract. The agreement has now been signed by the parties.

Security Zone

Around the new government quarter, a security zone, also called perimeter security, will be established. When the security zone is in operation, special permission will be required to drive in with vehicles. However, cyclists and pedestrians can pass freely in street-like surroundings.

Mail and goods for the ministries will first be checked at the control center before being transported to the Government Quarter. Eateries, shops, and other private actors located within the security zone and who have their goods delivered by vehicle must first have their deliveries checked at the control center at Mastemyr.

Transportation of approved mail and goods deliveries from the control center is planned with its own electric vehicle fleet. Vehicles from emergency services, Ruter (public transport), and maintenance, among others, will receive alternative control arrangements.

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