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Former Minister of Petroleum and Energy becomes Director at Trønder Energi

26/03/2024, 10:44
Former Minister of Petroleum and Energy becomes Director at Trønder Energi
Photograph: TrønderEnergi Kraft
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TrønderEnergi is, in addition to being the parent company of TrønderEnergi Kraft, also a major owner in the renewable energy group Aneo, the grid company Tensio, and the social entrepreneurship company Hogst.

– If we are to succeed in mobilizing the financial leverage we need to really contribute to profitable energy transition, we need to reach out more broadly to today’s and future owners and investors. We at TrønderEnergi have confidence that Tord Lien can contribute to this work. We also believe, as does Aneo, that this will help strengthen the interaction between the companies in regulatory and political work, and in other areas, says Gjersvold.

Lien will take up the new role on May 1st and will have the title of Director of External Relations. He will work with external and internal communication, investor communication, and branding for TE, and in addition, lead the work on regulatory matters, framework conditions, and political contact for TE and Aneo.

– This is the third time Ståle Gjersvold has hired me, and I am just as excited to start this time as the previous two. Local ownership of power production has been important and will remain important. I hope that together with TrønderEnergi’s small but very competent group management, I can contribute to TE being seen and heard as an owner, investment object, and in the public debate, and that we get the framework conditions needed to contribute even more to profitable energy transition for society and the owners, says Tord Lien.