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Lujatalo secures €71M hospital project

20/03/2024, 07:52
Lujatalo secures €71M hospital project
Photo: Lujatalo
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“Lujatalo being chosen as the builder is a testament to the client’s confidence in our ability to execute demanding hospital projects, and we are very pleased that our good cooperation with the Päijät-Häme hospital district will continue,” states Marko Saloranta, Lujatalo’s production director. Saloranta emphasizes the importance of Lujatalo’s skilled site organization for the success of the project.

“An experienced and competent site organization is crucial for the project to proceed as planned and on schedule,” says Saloranta.

According to Petri Virolainen, the director of the Päijät-Häme wellbeing services county, the signing of the contract marks an important milestone. The construction of the new hospital is of great significance to the residents of the area, as it will provide comprehensive services, including specialized medical care, to all inhabitants. Additionally, the hospital can, if necessary, play a significant role as a resource for the entire southern specialized care area, and there is also the possibility to expand hospital services, especially for the needs of certain specialties. This is made possible by the flexibility of the spaces, which is a common feature in hospital projects nowadays.

Lujatalo has previously constructed the phase 7 of the hospital, completed in 2022, and the temporary facilities for phase 8, completed in February 2024.

Construction work is set to begin at the start of May, with the project scheduled for completion by August 2028. The new facilities will be accessible to users in the spring of 2029.