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Skanska makes billion kroner deal

12/06/2024, 07:22
Skanska makes billion kroner deal
Image: Skanska
Anna Broberg Anna Broberg
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The project is located in central Herlev near the train station and upcoming tram stops to Copenhagen. It comprises 22,720 square meters and will consist of 264 rental apartments and an equal number of parking spaces around the building. The parking spaces will be prepared for charging stations for electric cars.

Instead of a traditional inner courtyard with parking spaces, a shared green garden will be established, planted according to research conducted on site and in the local area to support biodiversity among plants, insects, birds and other animals. The garden will be irrigated with collected rainwater.

In the middle of the garden, a building will be constructed that will offer tenants rooms for meetings, activities and facilities to work from home.

The project is pre-certified according to the green certification DGNB, Gold level.

The first apartments will be ready for occupancy in December 2024. The project is expected to be completed in June 2025, at which time the handover will also take place.

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